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Cloud Evolution provide voice and date Telematics through mobile VOIP and Fixed line Operators.

We are market leaders by Inventing world-class telematic services, providing innovative and profitable products, creating a local presence with reseller channels, building international long-term relationships and tailoring services to meeting unique and local market requirements.

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DesktopFax is a complete digital fax solution that facilitates the receiving and sending of faxes via email.
DesktopFax provides the benefits of email without losing the advantages of conventional faxing. No new hardware or software is required.
A powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution has been integrated as an additional product to the DesktopFax service.
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CloudFax is a solution that eliminates the need to install costly fax cards in multi-function devices and at the same token provides the Multi-Function Device the ability to send and receive faxes using the internet.

Cloud Call Recording

Cloud Call Recording is a state of the art voice logger provides clients with an industry first cloud based, compliant and secure call logging solution for a fraction of the price of equivalent call recording solutions.

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